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“Kevin and Derina Pyles, owners of Rawhide Ranch, have been excellent to work with! I am a 62 yr old woman who recently purchased Kodak, one of their luxury trail horses. During the past thirteen years, I was riding older quarter horses for fox hunting and trail riding in the NC mountains. I was looking for a younger, well-trained horse with a fun-loving personality and a stable disposition. I have found these traits to be remarkably true with Kodak! The Pyles were a pleasure to work with during the sales process and have been most helpful in transitioning Kodak to me. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Kevin, Derina, and the entire staff at Rawhide!”

Kathy Langley
Horse: Kodak

Rawhide Ranch staff are very personable and professional. 5-star rating. The horse I purchased, Ace, although young, is very well trained, and super calm, he’s one in a million.

Sarah McGhee
Horse: Ace

I purchased a Tennessee Walker named Deacon from Rawhide Ranch. I have 3 lessons and a 3-day clinic with Deacon, under my belt. He far exceeds my expectations of a classic and athletic trail horse. We even won a prize with the obstacle course competition today against some seasoned veterans! I’m not very competitive and don’t really care for that sort of thing but I figured ok, let’s do it right. We finished 22 obstacles in 5 minutes. Most important, Deacon and I are a team in a short amount of time! Thank you again for such a stellar partner!

Stephanie Manriquez
Horse: Deacon

The lesson with Rawhide was awesome, better than I could have ever hoped for. The trainer was amazing and helped me so much. We really enjoyed both gentlemen, they were kind, funny, and very knowledgeable. I am so grateful for their help. Also, I rode Dolly and was not even scared. I am so very grateful for that sweet girl.

Michelle Ruffinstein
Horse: Dolly

Tex is a lovely, lovely boy and we are so happy with him!! Your trainers were really fun and amazing also. They helped out a lot. Thank you again!

Maria Hohen
Horse: Tex

We purchased three horses from Rawhide Ranch and, hands down, they are the best horses we have ever been around! They are all great in the pen, on the trails, and they all look amazing! They’re great with the signals and the hand motions they were taught as foals into their young adult life. I truly appreciate that they put so much time, attention, and effort into training these top level trail horses. They are an absolute joy to ride!

Horses: Gunsmoke, Ranger, Dodge

You do not meet many people like Kevin and Derina, at Rawhide Ranch. They are honest and genuinely care about their clients. Duchess is a wonderful horse, and was everything I asked for and more. Rawhide Ranch does an amazing job and I could never purchase a horse from anywhere else. I’m a lifetime client.

A. White
Horse: Duchess

I purchased Takoda to be a 4-H horse for my daughters. The horse has a great mind and takes care of his rider. Derina was easy to work with, responsive and professional. Would definitely do business with them again

Jessica Dowell
Horse: Takoda

The only thing that topped the first-rate service was the quality of my horse. It’s hard to describe what a luxury trail horse is until you ride one. I highly, highly recommend!


As an Equestrian Professional, I meet horse people from around the world. Kevin and Derina, at Rawhide Ranch, pursue excellence in all that they do. They are humble, honest, and hard-working people and I have no doubt they will exceed all expectations.

Shayla Smock

All my questions were answered. The Pyles were awesome to work with.

Laura P.