Have you been looking for that “golden boy”? Look no further! Cinch is your horse! Super easy to be around, calm, and confident, he has that puppy dog face everyone falls in love with. Not only is he great at moving his 5 body parts, he is super versatile and can move from arena work to trails with ease. This is one stocky horse and makes up for his smaller height with his huge heart. He always tries his hardest for you. Cinch is a rockstar on our obstacle course and has been ridden on trails in just his halter and lead rope. He will stop off your seat, back, bend around your leg, yield his hindquarters and forequarters and sidepass. Loads with just a point and backs off without you having to step a foot in the trailer. So many great things to say about this young gelding, you will have many years together.

Mister Dual Pep Peppy San Badger Mr San Peppy
Sugar Badger
Miss Dual Doc Doc's Remedy
Miss Brooks Bar
Joanies Spot of Gold Short San Badger Shorty Lena
Sparkling Santana
Jazzy Joanie Jazzy Joe Lena
Sons Docs Joanie

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